Editing Code in Vim

15 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Vim is known for being powerful—and occasionally difficult to use—but with a few keystrokes, you can effectively make quick changes to your files, whether containing code, notes, or your latest novel. In this lab, you will edit and add text to a file, copy, paste, delete, and join lines.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Update Dockerfile

Update the Dockerfile to include the missing line, COPY . . on line 7. Ideally, this should involve entering Visual mode, copying, pasting, and deleting words bordered by whitespace.

Update server.js

Update server.js to resolve any case issues and join the interrupted line, line 5, with its other half.

Update app.js

Update app.js to include a comment, // Call Express, at the top of the file.

Additional Resources

You are a DevOps engineer working on debugging some code. There are a number of changes you need to make to resolve some issues. Perform the following tasks using Vim, from /home/cloud_user/app/. Think about the best way to utilize Vim for the task as though you were developing the fixes yourself. Do not just copy and paste from these instructions.


  • Add COPY . . to line 7


  • Ensure instances of app are lowercase on line 1
  • Join the two lines with an unneeded line break at line 5


  • Add a comment on line 1: // Call Express

Note: Learners may find it useful to input :set number to view line numbers.

What are Hands-on Labs

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