DNS and BIND - DNS Querying with BIND Utilities

15 minutes
  • 10 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Name service queries are essential in retrieving information stored in DNS records. We will be using the tools in the bind-utils package to perform these requests. In this video, we will perform name service queries using the `host`, `nslookup`, and `dig` commands.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Install the bind-utils Package and Start Named
$ yum install bind-utils -y
Display the Name Servers for the Domain google.com Using the host Command
$ host -t ns google.com
Use the host Command to Display the Mail Servers Configured for google.com
$ host -t mx google.com
Resolve the IP Address for ns4.google.com Using the nslookup Command
nslookup ns4.google.com
Using the nslookup Command, List the Name Servers for google.com
$ nslookup -type=ns google.com
Use the nslookup Command to List the Mail Servers Responsible for Mail Exchange for google.com
$ nslookup -query=mx google.com
Use the Debug Mode for nslookup to Provide More Details for google.com
$ nslookup -debug google.com
Resolve the IP for google.com Using the dig Command
$ dig google.com
Use the dig Command to List the Name Servers for google.com
$ dig ns google.com
Using dig, List Only the Four NS Records for google.com
$ dig ns google.com +noall +answer

Additional Resources

The DNS team at ABC Company has just rolled out a new DNS system. Part of this process was implementing three new caching name servers for the satellite offices outside of their main campus. The Technical Lead for Office XYZ has asked us to perform name service queries, to ensure new records are being returned to the offsite offices. He has also asked us to take this opportunity to train another staff member on name service query utilities.

To complete this lab, we must install the bind-utils package, then verify that queries resolve successfully using the host, nslookup, and dig commands.

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