Deploying Azure Templates

30 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this hands-on lab we use the Azure Portal to modify the QuickStart template to add an additional data disk prior to deployment. We will then deploy this template and examine the that the changes we made were successfully deployed.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Connect to Azure Portal with Lab Account

Log in to the Portal using the supplied username and password.

Click Template Deployment and Edit Template
  1. From the Portal home, click + Add resource.
  2. Select the type Template.
  3. Select Template deployment.
  4. Select Create a Windows virtual machine.
  5. Click Edit template.
  6. Add a second data disk with lun: 1. Data disks start at line 245. Edit that section so it appears as:

                   "dataDisks": [
                           "diskSizeGB": 1023,
                           "lun": 0,
                           "createOption": "Empty"
                           "diskSizeGB": 1023,
                           "lun": 1,
                           "createOption": "Empty"
  7. Click Download to check the template offline.
Edit the Parameters
  1. Click Edit parameters.
  2. Change adminUserName by changing line 6 from null to "localadmin", with the quotation marks.
  3. Change dnsLabelPrefix by changing line 12. Change the value to "vm1446aaadd", without the quotation marks. Replace "aaa" with your initials and "dd" with your favorite date (e.g. vm1446rb31).
  4. Click Save.
Enter Password and Purchase
  1. Enter a 12-72 character password. Follow the on-screen isntrcutions until a green check mark appears.
  2. Click "Create."
Verify Deployment by Clicking the Bell on the Azure Menu
  1. Click the bell on the Azure Menu.
  2. Once it is complete, click Home > Virtual machines > SimpleWin > Settings > Disk.
  3. Verify there are two data disks with Lun 0 and 1. This show the template was edited successfully.

Additional Resources

Your manager has asked you to deploy a Windows 2019 VM Virtual Machine but you need to modify the template to add an additonal Data Disk.

Update: Please use the Standard_D2s_v3 instance type for this lab activity.

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