Deploying a Web Server with CloudFormation Designer

1 hour
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

AWS CloudFormation Designer (Designer) is a graphic tool for creating, viewing, and modifying AWS CloudFormation templates. With Designer, you can diagram your template resources using a drag-and-drop interface, and then edit their details using the integrated JSON and YAML editor. Whether you are a new or experienced AWS CloudFormation user, AWS CloudFormation Designer can help you quickly see the interrelationship between a template’s resources and easily modify templates. In this hands-on lab, we will use the drag-and-drop capabilities of CloudFormation Designer to create a full web architecture.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create an AWS CloudFormation Template and Stack with CloudFormation Designer
  1. Use CloudFormation Designer to create a CloudFormation template for deploying an Amazon EC2 instance.
  2. Once the template is completed, click Create Stack to create key pair as well as the stack and deploy resources within the stack.
Create and Test the Web Server
  1. Upon stack creation completion, go to the Outputs section of the stack, and use the URL listed to browse to the web server.

Additional Resources

Log in with the credentials provided, and make sure you are in the us-east-1 (N. Virginia) region.

There is a CloudFormation template provided with the lab (solution template) on GitHub.

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