Deploying a Linstor Cluster

30 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

For this lab, you have been asked by a customer to help them set up a Linstor cluster. They would like you to set up their Linstor servers, storage, and create a new resource for them. Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to set up Linstor controllers and satellites, configure storage for use in Linstor, and create Linstor resource and volume groups. In addition, you will be able to create Linstor resources and use them on the local cluster.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Set Up the Cluster

Set up server-1 as a combined Linstor node, and then set up server-2, server-3, server-4, server-5, and server-6 as Linstor satellite nodes.

Set Up the Storage
  • Create an LVM volume group on all six servers:

    • Use the 2 GB attached storage device
    • Name the volume group nvme_vg
  • Create a Linstor storage pool:

    • Use all six servers
    • Name the volume group nvme_pool
Set Up the Resource
  • Create a Linstor resource group:

    • Name the resource group my_group
    • Use the storage pool nvme_pool
    • Configure it so resources are replicated four times
  • Create a Linstor volume group:

    • Name the volume group my_group
  • Create a Linstor resource:

    • Name the resource resource-1
    • Set the size to 1 GB
  • Verify the resource is working:

    • Create a filesystem on the resource
    • Mount the resource to /mnt
    • Create a test file
    • Verify replication of the test file on the resource

Additional Resources


A customer has reached out to you for your expertise in setting up Linstor. They have installed Linstor on some of their systems but are unsure of how to get started with setting up a cluster and would like your help. The customer has provided you with access to six servers. They are named server-1 through server-6. Using these six servers, they would like you to set up server-1 as a Linstor combined node type. Then, set up the remaining five servers as Linstor satellite nodes.

The customer requests that you set up a new LVM volume group on each of the servers with the name nvme_vg and using the 2 GB attached storage device. In addition, you should also create a Linstor storage pool using all six servers, and this pool should be named nvme_pool.

Upon completing the storage setup, you will need to create a Linstor resource group and Linstor volume group. Both should have the common name of my_group. From this group, create a new resource with the name of resource-1 and a --place-count of 4.

Test the new resource by creating a filesystem on it, and then mounting it to /mnt on one of the servers hosting the resource. Create a test file in /mnt, and then verify the replication is working by mounting the resource on a different server.

Additional Server Information

server-1 IP:

server-2 IP:

server-3 IP:

server-4 IP:

server-5 IP:

server-6 IP:

Passwordless SSH has been set up by the customer. If you should encounter an issue where it is not working, you can run /root/ on server-1.

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