Deploy a New Domain Controller in a New Active Directory Site

45 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this hands-on lab, we will learn how to deploy a new domain controller in a new Active Directory site.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Log In to the Server and Create a New Active Directory Site
  1. Use Active Directory Sites and Services to create a new site called Tropical.
  2. Configure the subnet for the Tropical site with the appropriate network prefix.
Move the new-VM Server into the New Active Directory Site
  • In Active Directory Services, move the new-VM domain controller into the new Sandy Active Directory site.

    Our domain name is

Hint: In order to complete this task, you’ll need to correct three issues. One issue is with the services in the Azure portal, and the other two issues are located in a VM.

Confirm a Site Link between the Two Active Directory Sites
  • Use Inter-Site Transports to confirm that a link has been created between the two Active Directory sites.

Additional Resources

Welcome to Fiji! Our company, Sand, Sun, and Oddly Networking, Inc., is a global chain of luxury hotels that specializes in tropical locations. You have been hard at work configuring networks and are now ready to begin the creation of new Active Directory sites. One of your tasks is to create a new Active Directory site called Tropical and deploy a new domain controller that can interact with your current Active Directory site, Sandy. In this hands-on lab, we will reinforce the skill of creating domain controllers and learn how to deploy in a new Active Directory site.

If you get stuck, feel free to check out the lab objectives or the solution video. Good luck!

WARNING: Be Prepared for UI Changes

Given the fluid nature of Microsoft's cloud tools, students may experience user interface (UI) changes that were made following the development of this hands-on lab that do not match up with the lab instructions. When any such changes are brought to our attention, we will attempt to update the content accordingly. However, if changes occur, students will have to adapt to the changes and work through them in the hands-on labs as needed.

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