Deploy A Microservice Based Application in Cloud Foundry

1.5 hours
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this Live Environment you will take on the role of a Developer. Your team has built an application that consists of two microservices. It’s ready to be deployed to production and it is your job to release it. You need create a single manifest that will deploy out both of the microcservies to Cloud Foundry executing a single push.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create a manifest
Push the app to Cloud Foundry

Additional Resources

Register for a Pivotal Cloud Foundry account.

Use the cf-cli to login into your Pivotal Cloud Foundry account.

Cleanup any lingering resources.

You will have two apps in /root: user-api and user-gui.

Create a manifest for your microservices in /root and call it user-app.yml. The manifest will have two appliations. The first one will be called user-api-<USERNAME>. The app name should be unique as to not cause any issues with the route. This app 256 Megs of RAM and 256 Megs of disk quota and 2 instances. Use the path attribute to specify the path to user-api.

The second app will be called user-gui.This app 256 Megs of RAM and 256 Megs of disk quota and 1 instances and it will need a random route. Use the path attribute to specify the path to user-gui. Create two environmental variables: API_URL and API_PORT. Set API_PORT to 80 and API_URL to <USER_API_NAME> USER_API_NAME should be the name you specifed for user-api-<USERNAME>.

Deploy your app to Cloud Foundry using the manifest. Use the -f flag to specify the file (/path_to/user-app.yml).

Verify the app deployed by pulling up user-gui a brower.

Once the app is verified deprovision both user-gui and user-api.

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