Creating Your Own EC2 Workstation in the AWS Console

30 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this live AWS environment you will create your own EC2 workstation in the AWS console. This will be a useful skill whenever you find yourself working in an AWS environment. Not only will you learn some of the nuances of creating EC2 instances through this process, you’ll also be able to do this again in your own AWS environment to create your own AWS workstation that is free from the clutter of a local machine. By the end of this hands-on lab, we will have created our own EC2 instance and signed into it with an SSH key. We will also have used that instance to create an S3 Bucket in our AWS account and used the instance to have the Simple Notification Service send us a text message.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create an EC2 Instance
  1. Navigate to the EC2 portion of the console.
  2. Click launch instance.
  3. Go through the configuration steps.
  4. Create a key pair and download it to your machine.
  5. Launch the instance.
Use the EC2 Instance to Create an S3 Bucket with the AWS CLI and Send a Message with SNS
  1. Log in to your EC2 instance using the ssh key created.
  2. Configure the AWS CLI.
  3. Use the AWS CLI to create an S3 bucket.
  4. Install boto3 with sudo pip install boto3.
  5. Open the Python interpreter with python.
  6. Use the commands shown in the video to send yourself a text message with SNS.

Additional Resources

Make sure you are in us-east-1 when working in this AWS environment and that you chose the AMI named Amazon Linux AMI 2018 when you create your EC2.

If you are using windows and would like a refresher on SSH connections with PuTTY, check out:

If pip is not installed on the instance please use: sudo easy_install pip

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