Creating Users and Groups and Managing User Accounts

1 hour
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

The ability to manage user accounts and group membership is a crucial part of any system administrator’s toolkit. In this hands-on lab, you will work with tools like `adduser`, `useradd`, `passwd`, `usermod`, `groupadd`, and `groupmod`. At the end of this hands-on lab, you will have learned how to use these tools to manage user accounts and groups on any Linux system.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create a Shared Directory Called /test_scripts

Create a directory called /test_scripts.

Users Added to the System

Add four user accounts to the system that will be used for working on the test scripts.

Add Users to a Common Group

Add the four new users to the testers group already created on the system.

Set Appropriate Group Ownership and Permissions

The group testers needs to own the /test_scripts directory so that the new users can all share it. Additionally, the owner and group permissions should be read, write, and execute, but there should be no privileges for anyone else.

Additional Resources

The development team in your organization has been working on a new web-based API for a few weeks. They have decided that they want to use another system for creating their test scripts. Each developer will be working on different tests, and will create them in their respective home directories until they are ready for use.

The team has provided you with credentials to a server they intend to use for this purpose. They have asked for you to create four user accounts (see below) that will be used for collaborating on testing scripts once their development has completed. You are being asked to create a directory called /test_scripts that these users can share to copy their completed scripts to.

Note that there are other users that will be on this system that will not need access to that new directory. It should be secured so that the four users below have full access to any files and directories within it but no one else should even be able to see or list the contents. You notice that there is a group already created on this server called testers that should be suitable for your purposes.

Users (Must be Added):
Tiberius Kirk (Username: tkirk)
Noonian Singh (Username: nsingh)
Luc Picard (Username: lpicard)
Jon Archer (Username: jarcher)

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