Creating Local Repositories with Git and Adding/Checking in FIles

30 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

When working with source code or text documents on any local system, using Git allows you to track changes and revert at any time. In this scenario, the student will create an empty local repository using ‘git’ commands, create files within that repository, add and check them in and verify the repository shows up-to-date. After this exercise, the student will understand how to work with files and directories within a local repository to manage and track files and changes to them.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create Directory for the Repository

The student is asked to create a new directory in the /home/cloud_user location called web-api. This can be accomplished from the /home/cloud_user directory when logged in as cloud_user with the mkdir command and the name of the directory to create.

Initialize the New Git Repository

Initializing the new repository in the ‘web-api’ directory can be accomplished by executing the following commands:

cd /home/cloud_user/web-api  
git init

Verification of the creation of the repository can be seen with the command:

ls -al

Which will then show a directory called .git has been created.

Repository README File Created

When asked to create the repository README file, you can accomplish that by executing the following command in the /home/cloud_user/web-api directory:

echo "Web-API v1" >
README File Added and Committed to the Repository

Finally, once the file is created in the /home/cloud_user/web-api/ directory, you will need to add and commit the file to the repository. This can be done via the following commands:

git add  
git commit -m "Some Comment Here for the Commit" 

You can then verify that everything is checked in and nothing else is left to do with the following command and output as follows:

git status

On branch master
nothing to commit, working directory clean

Additional Resources

The development team in your organization is working on a new Web-based API. They have deployed a central server that they intend to use as a local Git repository for source control. They have managed to configure some of the global settings for the service account they want to use as the Git user, but are having difficulties in getting started with an empty repository.

As a result, they have provided you with the credentials for the service user and credentials to access their server. You have been asked to initialize a new Git repository in the /home/cloud_user directory called 'web-api'.

Once you have this new repository created, create a file called '' (be careful to mind the case of the file in order to follow your corporate standards for README files) that contains "Web-API v1" text. You will then need to add that file to the repository and commit the changes to the repository. Once you confirm that the default branch is up-to-date with no changes to commit, you may turn it back over to the team for use.

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