Creating Durable Azure Functions

30 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this lab, we create and run an Azure Durable Function and retrieve the result of the orchestration via PowerShell.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Log In to the Azure Portal

Log in to the Azure portal using the username and password provided in your lab credentials. Observe the region/location your lab resources are deployed to.

Add a Durable Orchestration Function to the Function App

Create a new Durable Functions orchestrator function, and name it MyDurableFunctionsOrchestrator.

Add a Durable Activity Function to the Function App

Create a Durable Functions activity function, and name it Hello.

Create a Durable Functions HTTP Starter Function in the Function App
  • Create a Durable Functions HTTP starter function, and name it MyDurableFunctionsHttpStart.
  • Copy the Function URL for use later in the lab.
  • Review the function code, and comment out (//) the dynamic eventData line.
  • Replace eventData on line 17 with null.
Run the Durable Function Starter and Get the Results with Azure CLI
  • Start a Cloud Shell session using the existing storage account. You will need to start the session in the same region your lab resources are deployed.
  • Declare the $startUrl using the URL you copied before, and replace {functionName} in the URL with MyDurableFunctionsOrchestrator.
  • Start the orchestration, convert the response content from JSON, and review the output of the orchestration.

Additional Resources

Your employer needs to create a set of Azure functions that run in a specific sequence and will require persisting state from one function to another. They will likely need human interaction to get an approval or refusal at some point in their execution. You tell them this is the perfect case for Azure Durable Functions. In response, they ask you to demonstrate how to code and run a simple durable function orchestration.

When setting up the Cloud Shell, ensure to you the region to the same location as the existing storage account.

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