Creating a Web App and Deploying Code from GitHub Using PowerShell

1.75 hours
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this hands-on lab, you will create an Azure web app and insert configuration information into that web app using the code from a GitHub repository — all using PowerShell. PowerShell is a powerful scripting and automation engine that can be used to provision and automate a lot of tasks in Azure.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Log in to the Linux VM
  1. Open a new terminal.

  2. Copy the public IP address provided with this hands-on lab.

  3. In the terminal, connect to the VM:

    ssh cloud_user@<PUBLIC_IP_OF_THE_VM>
  4. Once logged in, start the PowerShell prompt:

Install the Az Module and Connect to Azure
  1. Install the module:

    Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber -Scope CurrentUser
  2. Enter Y to continue installing from the PowerShell gallery.

  3. From the PowerShell prompt, connect to Azure:

    Connect-AzAccount -UseDeviceAuthentication
  4. Go to and enter the code provided in the terminal.

  5. Enter the Azure Portal username and password provided with this hands-on lab.

Create the Azure App Service Plan and Web App
  1. Create the following variables (replacing <UNIQUE_WEB_APP_NAME> with a globally unique name):

    $gitrepo = ""
    $webappname = "<UNIQUE_WEB_APP_NAME>"
    $location = "West US"
  2. Create the app service plan:

    New-AzAppServicePlan -Name $webappname -Location $location -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup -Tier Free
  3. Create the web app:

    New-AzWebApp -Name $webappname -Location $location -AppServicePlan $webappname -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup
Create and Apply the Configuration to the Web App
  1. Create the variable for the GitHub configuration:

    $PropertiesObject = @{
      repoUrl = "$gitrepo";
      branch = "master";
      isManualIntegration = "true";
  2. Apply the configuration to the web app:

    Set-AzResource -PropertyObject $PropertiesObject `
      -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroup `
      -ResourceType Microsoft.Web/sites/sourcecontrols `
      -ResourceName $webappname/web `
      -ApiVersion 2015-08-01 `

Additional Resources

We have provisioned a Linux VM for you to use with this hands-on lab. You must use the PowerShell prompt to complete any and all tasks. The objective is to deploy an Azure web app and modify the code in the application with the configuration stored in a GitHub repository.

In order to complete this hands-on lab, perform the following:

  • Log in to the VM with the given credentials.
  • Open PowerShell and install the Az module.
  • Connect to the Azure account using the provided credentials.
  • Perform the necessary commands to create an app service plan and a web app.
  • Perform the necessary commands to apply the configuration from this GitHub repo:

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