Creating a Folder and Uploading an Object in Cloud Storage

30 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Learning about storage and how it’s used is a pretty important step in the process of learning the cloud! In this hands-on lab, we will create a Cloud Storage bucket and folder, then upload an object to the folder and make it public.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create Bucket

In the lab, the correct project is already selected, but in the real world, if you have multiple projects, you would want to choose the appropriate project before starting.

  1. From Google Cloud console’s main navigation, choose Storage.
  2. Click Create a Bucket.
  3. Give your bucket a name—it has to be globally unique— and click Continue.
  4. Select Region as the location type and US-Central-1 as the region, then click Continue.
  5. Select Standard as the storage class, then click Continue.
  6. Under Access Control, select fine-grained, then click Continue.
  7. Under Encryption, we will leave it on Google-Managed-Key.
  8. Click Create.
Create Folder, Upload an Object, and Make Bucket Public
  1. Once inside the bucket, click Create Folder.
  2. Give your folder a name, then click Create.
  3. Click on your folder name hyperlink to access the folder.
  4. Select Upload files to upload a file into your folder.
  5. Click on Bucket details to move back into the bucket level and out of your folder.
  6. Highlight your bucket and click on the three dots on the right of your bucket.
  7. Select Edit Bucket Permissions
  8. Select Principals.
  9. Under New Members, type in allUsers.
  10. Select the role Cloud Storage and then select Storage Object Viewer.
  11. Click Save.

Additional Resources

The Production team you are on needs you to create a new bucket with a folder in Cloud Storage. They are looking to access the objects within the folder almost every day. You have been tasked with creating this folder and uploading the first file.

Note: Members are now called Principals

In this hands-on lab, you will:

  1. Create a bucket and folder to access and upload your first object in Cloud Storage.

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