Creating a Cognitive Services Resource Using the Azure Portal

30 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this hands-on lab, we use the Azure Portal to create an Azure Cognitive Service resource. We log in to the Azure Portal, create the resource, and examine several of its properties such as its API endpoint and key. This lab teaches the skills required to set up a Cognitive Service resource to perform operations such as text analysis, face recognition, and content mediation.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Log In to the Azure Portal

Start by logging in to the Azure Portal using the credentials provided when starting the lab.

Create the Cognitive Services Resource
  1. Click on + Create a resource to open the marketplace.
  2. Search for "Cognitive Services".
  3. Click on the Cognitive Services search result, and click Create.
  4. On the Create form, set the following values:
    • Name: Give a name to your cognitive resource.
    • Subscription: Leave the default Linux Academy subscription.
    • Location: Select the location of the resource group.
    • Pricing Tier: S0
    • Resource group: Select the existing resource group.
  5. Select the confirmation checkbox.
  6. Click Create.
Examine the Created Cognitive Services Resource

Examine the endpoint and keys, as they are generally required for other services in a solution to use the various Cognitive Services.

Additional Resources

As users of Azure AI services, we often need to utilize an Azure Cognitive Service resource. This resource has many capabilities and features, including language understanding, text analysis, and computer vision.

In this hands-on lab, we create a Cognitive Service resource. To do this, we log in to the Azure Portal and use the marketplace to create the resource. Finally, we examine the endpoint and keys for the service which can be used by other services to utilize the capabilities of our new Cognitive Service.

We provide step-by-step instructions in the objectives list for this lab. Follow the steps to create and use a Cognitive Service resource!

Note: The location variable in objective 2 must correspond with the location of the resource group. This is typically West US, but can vary based on lab deployment.

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