Create and Manage Azure AD Groups in the Portal

45 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

With Azure Active Directory (AD) you have a centralized identity platform, which can help organizations to manage access to enterprise resources. To help simplify how identities within Azure AD are provided access to resources, administrators can make use of groups. In this hands-on lab, we’ll walk through some of the very basic administrations tasks that you may perform, as well as the different portals that administrators and users may use when working with groups.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create Groups

In the Azure portal, within the Azure Active Directory service, create two groups: one Security group and one Microsoft 365 group.

Edit Group Properties

In the Azure portal, within the Azure Active Directory service, change some properties of the groups (such as Name and Description).

Notice the different properties of the Security group compared the with Microsoft 365 group.

Modify Group Ownership

In the Azure portal, within the Azure Active Directory service, change the ownership of the Security group you created.

Notice the Microsoft 365 group must have at least one owner, and will already have one configured.

View Groups from Different Portals

In the same browser you have used to login to the Azure portal, navigate to the following different portals

Note: This works best when you can use additional browser tabs; however, you may need to log in again using the credentials provided for this lab.

Notice the different views for each portal. Also be aware the MyApps Group Management portal is intended for end users and can be used by group owners to manage groups – see this Microsoft article for more information.

Delete Groups

In the Azure portal, within the Azure Active Directory settings, delete all of the groups you have created.

Note: You can also restore or permanently delete the Microsoft 365 group from the Deleted groups section.

Optionally, you may wish to experiment with the different portals you have used so far to delete your groups.

Note the portals below:

Additional Resources


To help you walk through the lab, consider the following scenario:

You work as a senior systems administrator, and the management of Azure AD is one of your many responsibilities.

As a senior team member, it's also important that you share your knowledge with other colleagues.

Your manager has recently asked you to provide a walkthrough of basic group management tasks and portals for several new Helpdesk team members.

Using an empty demonstration Azure AD tenant you have configured, you are going to demonstrate the following:

  • Creating groups
  • Modifying group properties
  • Working with groups from different portals
  • Deleting groups

Lab Setup

Log in to the Azure portal by right-clicking Open Azure Portal and selecting the option to open it in a new private browser window. (This option will read differently depending on your browser — for example, in Chrome, it reads Open Link in Incognito Window.) Then, sign in using the credentials provided on the lab page.

The objectives for this hands-on lab can be completed using the Azure portal. Specifically, all tasks will be performed using the Azure Active Directory service pages.

Please note we will also look at the different portals that can be used by both administrators and end-users as discussed further in the objectives.

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