Create a Group and Add a Member in Azure Active Directory (AAD)

30 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In the scenario for this hands-on lab, your company is expanding. They have added a new Research and Development (R&D) department to invest in future capabilities, allowing them to make more strategic decisions. They have asked you to create the Azure Active Directory (AAD) group and add yourself to it. You will need to log in to the Azure portal, navigate to the Azure Active Directory (AAD) service, and perform the necessary steps to create the group and add your lab user as a member of the group.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create a New Azure Active Directory Group
  1. Navigate to the Azure Active Directory Service.
  2. Add a new Azure Active Directory Group named Research & Development.
  3. Verify that the group was created successfully by refreshing the portal.
Add Your Azure Active Directory User as a Member of the Group
  1. Navigate to the group created.
  2. Add your AAD user to the Research & Development group.
  3. Verify that your AAD user is now a member of the new group by refreshing the portal.

Additional Resources

You will have access to the Azure portal with this hands-on lab. Once you have logged in you may begin.

  1. In the Azure Portal, click into the Search Bar in the top-middle of the portal.
  2. Type Azure Active Directory.
  3. Click Azure Active Directory under Services.
  4. We will be using the existing Azure AD Tenant to perform the tasks of this lab via the Azure Portal GUI

Perform the necessary steps to add a new group named Research & Development. Make the group type a Security Group.

Proceed to review your user to add your AD user to the newly created AD group. If necessary be sure to review the name of your user before adding the user as a member of the Research & Development group. You will have completed this hands-on lab when you verify that your AD user exists within the Research & Development group.

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