Create a Collaborative Directory

30 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this hands-on lab, you are responsible for creating a directory to be used as a shared resource by the `devops` team. You will create a new local group, a local user account, and update the new group membership. Next, you will create a new directory and configure the permissions and ownership so it can only be accessed and used by the team. The last step will be to validate access to the directory using the account of a user on the `devops` team.

*This course is not approved or sponsored by Red Hat.*

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create a Local Group and a User Account, Then Populate the Group
  • Create a local group called devopsadmin.
  • Create a user account for Peter Gibbons (pgibbons).
  • Set the password for pgibbons and devops (an existing account) to devops123.
  • Add pgibbons and devops to the devopsadmin group.
Create the Team Directory, Configure Ownership and Permissions and Restrict Access
  • Create a directory called devops in the /data directory.
  • Update the ownership to nobody:devopsadmin.
  • Update directory permissions to the following configuration:
    • owner/group = read, write, execute
    • other = none
    • Enable SGID
    • Enable the sticky bit
Validate Access to the Directory
  • As the cloud_user, attempt to change to the /data/devops directory.
  • Switch to the pgibbons user account.
    • Attempt to change the devops directory.
    • Attempt to create a file called pgibbons-test.
  • Switch to the devops account.
    • Attempt to change to the devops directory.
    • Attempt to edit the pgibbons-test file.
    • Attempt to rename the pgibbons-test file to devops-test.
    • Attempt to delete the pgibbons-test file.

Additional Resources


The DevOps manager has requested a directory be created for the team. Specific access requirements have been requested for the directory, so you will need to ensure the directory is owned by the group, access is restricted to members of the group and only file owners can delete and rename any files within the directory. You should also test and validate the configuration before turning the directory over to the devops team.

To complete the request and create the collaborative directory for the devops team, you will need to:

  • Create a local group and a user account, then populate the group.
  • Create the team directory, configure ownership and permissions, and restrict access.
  • Validate the directory's access configuration.


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