Configuring System Settings and Administration via YaST

15 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

SUSE Linux Enterprise users need to know how to configure software, hardware, and system settings using YaST in its various modes. This exercise will help identify the different modes of YaST, and provide an opportunity to use each of those modes for performing tasks. This will help determining which mode would be best to use for whatever tasks need to be performed.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Use YaST to Modify the System Timezone
  1. Start up YaST in an ncurses text interface:

  2. Arrow down to System in the left menu, then press Tab to get over onto the right-hand side. Now arrow down to Date and Time and press Enter.

  3. On the next screen, arrow down to Global, press Tab, and then arrow down (we should be in the right-hand menu now) to Zulu.

  4. Press F10 to confirm the change and get dropped back to the main YaST Control Center menu.

  5. To get out, press F9.

  6. Confirm the changes with:

  7. The output should indicate the Zulu timezone.

Use Command-Line YaST to Set and Confirm the System Timezone is Mountain (Denver) time
  1. To see the current timezone, run:
    yast timezone summary
  2. And then to set the time zone from the command line, we’ve got to run this:
    yast timezone list
  3. That will show us our choices.
  4. In the list that shows up, the important part is always the first part of the line. We want Mountain (Denver) time, so let’s copy the text below:
  5. Now, to actually set the timezone, run:
    yast timezone set 'timezone=America/Denver'
  6. Now, if we run:
    yast timezone summary
  7. We’ll see that the change has taken effect.

Additional Resources

We've just installed our SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 system, and need to become more familiar with the main system configuration tool, YaST. We will use the tool both in text-only (ncurses) mode, and then non-interactively, to change and verify system settings.

Note: We will not be using the graphical version of YaST for this particular lab. The text/ncurses version of YaST and the GUI version are functionally identical.

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