Configuring JBoss EAP Pool Attributes

15 minutes
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform can deploy and manage any Java application you have as part of your stack — and to really optimize our performance, we want to leverage one of JBoss EAP’s principal tools, connection pools. Connection pools work with datasources and resource adapters to reduce the cost of connections by pooling all connections available on the application. In this lab, we configure the connection pools for two datasources, both on the CLI and the Console.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Update the ExampleDS
  1. Log in to the HAL Management Console using the username admin and the password pinehead.

  2. Navigate to Configuration > Subsystems > Datasources and Drivers, then select View for ExampleDS.

  3. Select the Pools tab and click Edit.

  4. Set the Initial Pool Size to 1, the Minimum Pool Size to 1, and the Maximum Pool Size to 10. Enable strict minimums. Save.

Update the MySQLDS
  1. Move to the CLI and access the JBoss EAP home directory:

    cd /opt/jboss-eap
  2. Access the JBoss CLI:

    sudo ./bin/
  3. Add the minimum value:

  4. Enable pool prefilling:

Restart the Service
  1. Exit the CLI:

  1. For changes to take effect, we must restart the service:

    sudo systemctl restart jboss-eap-rhel

Additional Resources

You are a JBoss EAP administrator who has been recently working on optimizations for your JBoss EAP hosts. You've recently set standards for connection pools for both your production MySQLDS datasource and the ExampleDS used for dev environments, and wish to update the current settings.

For the ExampleDS, set the initial and minimum pool size to 1, the maximum to 10, and enable script minimums.

For the MySQLDS, set the minimum to 5 and enable pool prefilling.

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