Configure Chef Infra

2 hours
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this lab, you will be required to configure three servers for use with Chef Infra. You are supplied with three servers, a server with Chef Workstation pre-installed, a server with Chef InfraServer pre-installed, and a server without Chef installed.

Your task is to configure Chef Workstation for use with Chef InfraServer. Then using Chef Workstation to bootstrap the un-configured server.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Log into the three provided servers.

Log in to the servers as cloud_user with the provided password to ensure you can login. One server has Chef Workstation installed. One Server has Chef InfraServer installed and configured. The last server does not yet have chef installed.

You can tell from the server names, which server is to be used for which task.

NOTE: It may take several minutes after the Lab has started, before the servers have completed setup. Once the configuration has been completed on EACH server, a file is generated called SERVER-READY

Also, the Chef Workstation has a script inside the .bashrc that needs to run once everything is ready. if the command which ruby fails, then log out and log back into that server.

Use Chef or Linux Commands to Configure Chef Workstation

Chef Workstation needs certain things from Chef InfraServer before it can be confirmed to communicate with it.

These files are located on the Chef InfraServer under the cloud_user home folder.

You will need to complete the required tasks before you can perform the last task in this lab.

You will need to use Chef commands such as, ‘knife’ to test whether you have a working connection to the Chef InfraServer.

Bootstrap the Server Named Infraclient

Using Chef commands, bootstrap the unconfigured server named Infraclient, so it joins as a client to the Chef InfraServer.

Additional Resources

You have three servers supplied.

One server has Chef Workstation, one server has Chef InfraServer, and one server does not have Chef installed.

The Chef InfraServer has the required certificates already created and available in the /home/cloud_user folder.

You will need to transfer these certificates to Chef Workstation and configure it so that it is connected to the Chef InfraServer.

Once you have it configured, use the Chef Workstation to bootstrap the un-configured server.

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