Configure Azure Private Link for Blob Storage

1 hour
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

Private Link is an Azure service that helps provide private network accessibility to a range of supported services. Private Link supports several Azure PaaS solutions, as well as customer-managed solutions (backed by a standard load balancer).

In this lab, you will have the opportunity to configure the Private Link service for Azure Blob storage. This will enable private connectivity between a virtual machine, and Blob storage, within a virtual network.

After completing this lab, you’ll be familiar with how to configure a Private Endpoint for the Azure Blob service, using Private Link.

**Note:** In the lab, use the `West US` for the creation of resources.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Configure a Private Endpoint for Blob Storage

Use the Azure Portal to create the private endpoint.

  1. Navigate to the Storage Accounts section.
  2. Open Storage Accounts from the sidebar, and navigate to the storage account already created for you.
  3. Click on Networking then Private endpoint connections section.
  4. Click + Private endpoint to create a new private endpoint.

Create the private endpoint with the following details:

  • Basics:
    • Subscription: select the Hands-On Labs subscription
    • Resource Group: select the existing resource group
    • Name: privatelink1
    • Region: West US
    • Click Next
  • Resource
    • Connection method: Connect to an Azure resource in my directory
    • Subscription: select the Hands-On Labs subscription
    • Resource type: Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts
    • Resource: select the existing storage account
    • Target sub-resource: blob
    • Click Next
    • Configuration:
    • Virtual network: vnet1
    • Subnet: subnet1
    • Leave DNS as-is
    • Click on Review + create
Verify the Private Endpoint from VM1

Use the Azure Portal to gather the necessary information. Please be aware you will need an RDP client to connect to the Windows server.

Copy the details for the Blob endpoint

  1. Navigate to the Storage Account that was created for you (you can search with the search bar if required).
  2. Open Properties from the sidebar.
  3. Copy the FQDN without copying https:// or the trailing slash /, (e.g., .

Connect to VM1 using RDP

To connect to vm1, use the following credentials:
Username: azureuser
Password: labh0l-2021-learn!

  1. Navigate to the Virtual Machines services page.
  2. Open the existing VM called vm1.
  3. Click on the Connect option in the command bar, and select RDP.
  4. Use the RDP file with your preferred RDP client.

Note: you may choose to copy the public IP address and connect via RDP manually with your RDP client, instead of using the RDP file.

Verify the Private Endpoint from VM1

  1. Open the command prompt (Right-click Start > Run > type cmd > press Enter)
  2. Use nslookup to verify DNS now points to a private IP address, for example: nslookup

Note: You should see a private IP address, such as You may also choose to upload and access a file using other tools such as netstat and Storage Explorer.

Additional Resources

You work in the security operations team for a company called The Pupper Camp (TPC). The Pupper Camp is a dog services company which operates doggy day-care facilities across the globe.

The Pupper Camp host several solutions within Azure. One of these solutions stores confidential information in Azure Blob storage.

You have been tasked with the configuration of Azure Private Link to ensure that a Virtual Machine within this solution accesses the Blob storage container using a private IP address.

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