Configure Azure Front Door Service

30 minutes
  • 2 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

The Azure Front Door service facilitates high availability on a global scale for web applications.

Within this hands-on lab, you will have the opportunity to create and configure the Azure Front Door service with Azure Web Apps.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Configure Azure Front Door

Use the Azure Portal to perform the following tasks. Please log in with the credentials provided to you for this lab.

Please take note of the region in use for all of the resources that have been deployed for you, as we will need to use the same region in the following steps.

  1. Click on the + Create a resource option.
  2. Search for "front door".
  3. Choose the Front Door option. Then click on Create.
  4. Configure the Front Door service with the following settings:
    • Fill out the Basics page:
      • Subscription: Select the existing subscription.
      • Resource group: Select the existing resource group.
      • Click Next: Configuration >.
    • Configuration – Frontends/domains
      • Host name: Use a unique name (e.g., fdlab1234).
      • Session Affinity: Disabled
      • Web Application Firewall: Disabled
      • Click Add.
    • Configuration – Backend pools
      • Name: webapp-pool
      • Add a backend:
        • Type: App service
        • Host name: Choose the first web app.
        • Leave the remaining settings as default.
        • Click Add.
      • Add another backend:
        • Type: App service
        • Host name: Choose the second web app.
        • Leave the remaining settings as default.
        • Click Add.
      • Click Add.
    • Configuration – Routing rules
      • Name: default-route
      • Accepted protocol: HTTP and HTTPS
      • Frontends/domains: Select your frontend.
      • Backened pool: webapp-pool
      • Leave all other settings as default.
      • Click Add.
  5. Click on Review + create.
  6. Click Create once the validation is complete.
Test the Azure Front Door
  1. Navigate to the Front Door service you just created.
  2. Click on Overview in the resource menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on Frontend host hyperlink within the working pane. You should see a standard Python web-app page.
  4. To test high availability, navigate to the App Services section in the Azure Portal.
  5. Stop the second Web App.
    • Reload the front door host: it should continue to work.
  6. Stop the first Web App.
    • Reload the front door host: it will now fail.

Additional Resources

Within this lab, you are going to assume the role of a solution architect. You've been tasked with performing a proof of concept using the Azure Front Door service.

Currently, within the environment you manage, you have a web application that is deployed redundantly across two separate regions.

You've been asked to demonstrate how Azure Front Door can provide high availability in this scenario, ensuring the web application remains online, even if one Web App goes offline.

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