Configure At Rest Encryption for EFS

45 minutes
  • 4 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

AWS Elastic File System (EFS) provides incredible scalability for your storage requirements, making it easy to share data across hundreds or even thousands of EC2 instances. In this lab, students will create an Amazon Elastic File System in the `us-east-1` Region with encryption enabled. Students will also configure mount targets for this file system, enforce encryption in-flight, and finally, mount the file system to a pre-created EC2 instance.
Useful reference: [Encryption In Transit](

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Create an EFS File System Named devshare with Encryption Enabled

Create an EFS file system with the name of devshare.
Leave default creation settings to leave encryption enabled.

Useful reference: Encryption In Transit

Create a Mount Target for EFS Using EFSMountSecurityGroup

Select your new EFS file system and navigate to the Network tab. Add the EFSMountSecurityGroup security group to each mount target to ensure your EC2 instance will have access to this volume.

Useful reference: Encryption In Transit

Apply a File System Policy to the EFS Volume to Enforce In-Transit Encryption for All Clients

Create a file system policy for the EFS volume to enforce in-transit encryption for all of your clients.

Useful reference: Encryption In Transit

Mount the EFS Volume to the EC2 Instance and Create a File on the Elastic File System

Connect using cloud_user credentials.

Use the following command to mount your volume with encryption in flight, replacing fs-00000000 with your file system ID:

  • Example structure:
    sudo mount -t efs -o tls file-system-id efs-mount-point/

  • Example command mounting to local EFS directory you have created:
    sudo mount -t efs -o tls fs-000000000 efs/

Verify the volume is ready for use by creating a file:
sudo touch /efs/llama.txt

Note: Keep in mind that without adding this to our /etc/fstab, the mount will not persist through a reboot. In this case, we are only preparing the volume for use by our team, so that’s okay in this lab.

Useful reference: Encryption In Transit

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