Adding a Custom Intent to an Alexa Skill

30 minutes
  • 5 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In this lab, we change our skill to have a custom intent that returns a stock phrase. This is in preparation for another lab where we will add custom slots to the intent we create here. The objectives for this lab include creating a simple custom intent and testing that intent using `ask dialog`. **Note:** You must have your own Amazon Developer account, which you can [sign up]( for if you do not already have one.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Configure Amazon Skills Kit to Use Your AWS Developer Account
  1. Initialize the ASK CLI:

    ask init --no-browser
  2. Copy/paste the URL that appears from the terminal to a browser window.
  3. Log in to the developer console when prompted.
  4. Copy/paste the authorization code.
  5. Enter y for Yes to connect to the AWS account already set up on the VM.
  6. Choose the default AWS account.
Clone Skill and Check Out Branch
  1. Use the following to clone the template skill:

    ask new --url
  2. Navigate into the directory with:

    cd content-aws-skill-builder
  3. To start with a template and perform the tasks for this lab yourself:

    git checkout lab_intents
  4. To start with the solution to the lab:

    git checkout lab_intents_solution
Update Skill Code

In ../models/en-US.json:

  1. Create RegisterPetIntent:

          "name": "RegisterPetIntent",
          "slots": [],
          "samples": [
            "I want to register my pet"

In ../lambda/custom/index.js:

  1. Change the LaunchRequestHandler message to be "Exclusive Veterinary Services welcomes you. Please say I want to register my pet."

  2. Create a RegisterPetIntentHandler:

    const RegisterPetIntentHandler = {
      canHandle(handlerInput) {
          return Alexa.getRequestType(handlerInput.requestEnvelope) === 'IntentRequest'
              && Alexa.getIntentName(handlerInput.requestEnvelope) === 'RegisterPetIntent';
      handle(handlerInput) {
          const speakOutput = "We are happy to help you register your pet.";
          return handlerInput.responseBuilder
              //.reprompt('add a reprompt if you want to keep the session open for the user to respond')
  3. Add RegisterPetIntentHandler to the exports.handler at the end of the file:

    exports.handler = Alexa.SkillBuilders.custom()
Deploy and Test
  1. Deploy the skill:

    ask deploy
  2. Begin performing a test:

    ask dialog --locale en-US
  3. The prompt will change to User >.

  4. Enter open exclusive vet and follow the prompts.

Cleanup Amazon Developer Account Alexa Console

At this point the skill you just created should be deleted from your Alexa Console.

Please do so at this link Alexa Console.

Additional Resources

The demonstration of the simple skill to Exclusive Veterinary Services went well. They have asked you to demonstrate the first step in registering a pet for their service. They want the skill to welcome the customer to their company and create a custom intent that, when triggered, informs the user they can register their pet.

If you have not created an Amazon Developer account yet, please do so before proceeding: Amazon Developer account creation.

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