Add, Remove and Update Tags for Resources in Azure

1 hour
  • 3 Learning Objectives

About this Hands-on Lab

In the scenario for this hands-on lab, the finance department has reached out to you, requesting additional taxonomy information on a recent Azure bill, including who created the resources, which department budget should be used for the resources and if the resources are necessary for running business ciritcal systems. If there are any non-essential business systems, they ask that you signify that in some way.

Learning Objectives

Successfully complete this lab by achieving the following learning objectives:

Add Tags to the Resource Group
  • In Azure Cloud Shell, perform the command to list all resource groups for this lab.
  • Perform the CLI command that will apply the following tags to the resource group (replace YourName with your name):
    • Environment=Production
    • Dept=IT
    • CreatedBy=YourName
Remove Tags for VM and Mark for Deletion
  • Perform the CLI command to list the existing tags for the virtual machines in this lab.
  • Remove the existing tags from the VM.
  • Mark the VM for deletion by adding the tag MarkForDeletion=Yes.
Change Tags for the Virtual Network
  • Perform the CLI command to list the virtual networks and their associated tags
  • Perform the CLI command to overrite the existing tags with the following tags (replace YourName with your name):
    • Environment=Production
    • Dept=IT
    • CreatedBy=YourName

Additional Resources

Using the given credentials, login to the Azure portal.

  • In the Azure Portal, click the Cloud Shell icon (>_ ) in the upper right.
  • Select PowerShell.
  • Click Show advanced settings.
  • Use the same region as the lab provided storage account and the existing resource group or create a new Storage account (use a globally unique name).
  • For File share, select Create new and give it a name of "fileshare".
  • Click Create storage.
  • Note: If you have trouble, try using the existing storage account).

Using the appropriate Azure CLI commands (replace 'YourName' with your name):

  • Add the tags Environment=Production Dept=IT CreatedBy=YourName to the resource group.
  • Remove the existing tag from the VM and mark it for deletion by adding the tag MarkForDeletion=Yes.
  • Apply the Dept=IT tag, the Environment=Production tag and the CreatedBy=YourName tag to the virtual network.

You will have successfully completed this hands-on lab when all tags have been applied to all three resources.

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