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Wouldn’t it be too tedious to create docker image and deploy it in kubernetes every time you make a change?

It will be very difficult to develop and verify your changes frequently.

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That is where CICD comes into play.   Ideally you should have some build automation that will kick off a docker build  docker push allowing on code check in.   You could use a simple bash or powershell script on your local host if that works for you.

Thats actually the whole idea here to create CI/CD pipeline where you build, test, and deliver your K8s application. i currently use Code Stream from VMware to create all the stages and the tasks your executing within each stage to get your app running at the end on the Kubernetes Dev Cluster for example then move it to your Production Kubernetes Cluster regardless if its running on vSphere, or public cloud ( GKE, AKS or EKS )

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