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Partial Persistent Volume Claims

If a PVC lays claim to a PV partially (10 GB out of 20 GB PV), can another PVC lay claim to the remaining part of PV?

2 Answers

If you are referring to a situation without dynamic PVs, no.  A PVC will always get the full PV.  In your example, the PVC for 10G would get the full 20G of the PV.  The claim will get a PV that is at least the size of the request but always take the full PV.  The relationship of PVs to PVCs is 1:1.  This is why dynamic PVs are important; it allows for creation of persistent volumes that match the actual claim size.

Hi Rahul. No. You cannot have a single PV of 20G and have two PVC objects claim two separate 10G chunks of it.

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