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Load Gen Pod

In 05.28 – 06:07, after typing:

kubectl run -i –tty loader1 –image=busybox /bin/sh

while true; do wget -q -O- http://acg-lb.acg.ns.svc.cluster.local; done


2 Answers

I tried working HPA demo on GKE, After running while statement above, i got message (wget: bad address ‘acg-lb.acg.ns.svc.cluster.local’)

Tuan LE

Properly a typo mistake there :). It should be acg-lb.acg-ns.svc.cluster.local.

You can put that script into a persistent volume, so that you can have that script ready to launch the script every time you deploy the container.

Of course you will need to modify the YAML file and create additional objects like sc, pv and pvc and attach that volume to your container under a specific path.

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