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link to ping-deploy yaml file

Is there a link to get the ping-deploy file?


Hi Alex. Is this the one you’re looking for? https://github.com/ACloudGuru-Resources/Kubernetes_Deep_Dive_NP/tree/master/lesson-networking


All files should be in https://github.com/ACloudGuru-Resources/Kubernetes_Deep_Dive_NP/ I’ll have a watch through the course over the weekend and see if I need to make it clearer where the demo files are. Appreciate the heads-up about this!


Thank you @nigelpoulton!

Mohan Alapati

thank you @nigelpulton!. It helped me

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URL got a bit mangled by the markdown here but is https://github.com/ACloudGuru-Resources/Kubernetes_Deep_Dive_NP/tree/master/lesson-networking as stated in the original answer

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