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Link between Node network and Pod Network

Hi,  I am struggling to understand the concept of how to link the Nodes and the PODs.   The Nodes are created by clusters in GKE.  The Pods are defined in the YAML file and applied using kubectl command.   How does the Pods know the nodes ( how many of them, which ones can be used/which ones not etc..).  Any pointers to clarify this pls.

Thank you,

Rajesh PK

1 Answers

I think there is no need to link node network and pod network .. sole purpose of kubernetes is to decouple the system .. linking node network and pod network will destroy this property … And about Pods knowing nodes those are manage by underlying system and based on deployment object u use …. I’m still learning pls rectify me if im incorrect…

Waqas Khan

yeah so by underlying system you mean the services running in the control plane and the daemon services running within each node.

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