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Kubernetes Networking Basics/Service Types (02:16) – Exampl NodePort value?

The NodePort example shows a NodePort value of 3126 BUT states port values SHOULD be between 30000-32767. Is the example just a goof, or am I missing something?

2 Answers

The recommended Node Port range is 30000-32767. However, that range can be overridden by specifying the –service-node-port-range=30000-32767 flag while bootstrapping the API Server

In general, a high port range is preferred because the process needs to be privileged to bind to lower ports.

But the video may have goofed up a bit.

Walid Shaari

the high port range starts over 1024 for non-root user

Hi Rick. This is a goof on the diagram – well spotted!  

However, what RM says is correct, it is possible to override the default range. But I’d be lying if I said that was my intention on this slide 😀

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