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kubernetes labs or playground

While I was following along "Kubernetes Deep Dive" course I couldn’t notice there aren’t any lessons pointing on how to use it in given playground or labs. Any instructions on it?

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There are some instructions in the "Kubernetes Essentials" course on how to get a cluster up and running. You are right that there should also be instructions or some sort of directions here.

Hi Sridatta, 

The easiest way after trying to do local setup and burning the laptop is http://labs.play-with-k8s.com/ . You can simply create instance and create a cluster quickly enough to get started. I try most of the K8s stuff on this playground. Though if you are appearing for CKA you need to also try setting up a cluster from scratch. That means you need to have 3 linux instance( physical or VM) running in same network. Any cloud provider like Rackspace which provide free compute may be a good starting point. I have tried with AWS though as I have access to those account.

I liked the course, but it would’ve been nice if it had labs so we can get to practice it instead of just watching him doing it. Thanks for the content anyway.

Agreed. Linux Academy had great labs.

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