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k8s version for the demo


I am using play-with-k8s.com to execute the demo but is not working.

Error from server (BadRequest): error when creating "ping-deploy.yml": Deployment in version "v1" cannot be handled as a Deployment: no kind "Deployment" is registered for version "apps/v1"

Maybe you should specify if the exercise is for a specific version of k8s.

Anyway, great course so far.

1 Answers

Hi Diana. 

Trash your PWD environment and start again with --kubernetes-version v1.11.2 on the end of the kubeadm init command.

The issue is that the old version of Kubernetes that PWD builds doesn’t have the latest API versions. 

I’ll add a warning about this in the YAML files as a comment.


Diana Borbe

Hi, Thanks for your quick answer. Brilliant.


No worries. It raised a good point I need to address.

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