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Internal Load balancing with Kubernetes


Just wondering…How does K8 networking work if I don’t want public endpoint.

John L

Hi Giri, Are you referring to running EKS? In that case you can use an internal ELB rather than a public one. Just add the annotation "service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-internal:" to your service’s metadata. That will give you an internal ELB. On GKE the annotation is "cloud.google.com/load-balancer-type: "Internal""

Giri vanam

Thanks for info, I was able to use internal ALB.

1 Answers

As well as John’s suggestion….  

Assuming you’re referring to K8s Services…. Standard ClusterIP Services create a name, IP, and network port that is only reachable from within the K8s cluster. NodePort Services create a cluster-wide port (NodePort) that makes the Service reachable from outside of the cluster, but only by clients that have network routes to nodes in your cluster (e.g. on your corporate LAN if you’re running on-prem K8s).


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