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Can attempt the CKA Certification exam after the Course?

Can attempt the CKA Certification exam after the Course? or we need any more preparation

2 Answers

Looks like this course doesn’t cover some "low" level stuff, like manual installation of k8s cluster. I strongly recommend you to do famous k8s the hard way (https://github.com/kelseyhightower/kubernetes-the-hard-way) few times, it will help you a lot. On CKA curriculum (https://github.com/cncf/curriculum) you can see, that candidate must be able to "create and manage TLS certificates for cluster components" and also be able to troubleshoot control plane /node/networking failures. So you also must be able to troubleshoot systemd services, know what systemd units are, how to check it’s logs, etc. I could also recommend to practice how to setup cluster using kubeadm. IMO currently you can’t pass CKA only using this course.

No. It doesn’t cover everything required for the CKA 🙁


Hope you will create lessons on 1)manual step by step installation of k8s 2)TLS certs handling step by step 3)systemd troubleshooting and logging 4)etcd backup and restore

Daniel Vaughan

Hi @nigelpoulton. How near does it get to CKAD as opposed to CKA. I understand that is an easier (but still hard) exam

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