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autoscaling vs requested resources

So basically from the course I understood the following:

1. you create a pod with a request of X resource – this will be allocated (reserved) from the VM/servers

2. you add a HPA that will trigger autoscalling  when X/2 of that resource request is hit.

3. deployment autoscales -> the average usage of resources per pod goes down ..BUT

4. new pod -> new request -> more blocked resources from the VMs

5. basically having a HPA that autoscales at X/2 of the requested resources will trigger the following:

    – you will basically really use in computing only 1/2 of the requested resource overall for you microservice because each time this goes over X/2 , a new pod will be spawned for getting everything back to lower than X/2 . Isn’t this meaning a waste of resources? The more you spawn the more actual resources you WASTE and obviously use:)

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