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Accessing svc nodeport

Nigel told us lb is only available in the public cloud and nodeport could be accessible out of the cluster.

I installed kubernets on my own in three ubuntu servers VMs (one for master and two for nodes). How can I externally (from my host computer)?


you could use the ip-address-of-one-of-the-nodes:nodePort to access the service.

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How can you "externally ….." ? 
externally what  ?  

??   Connect to the external port on the Load Balancer in your test rig from your test machine ??

@time  06:10  you are shown the app node port address, and port to use.  

With a  Load Balancer you need to connect the Load Balancer’s external IP address, and let the Load Balancer distribute to the cluster or app Nodeport

@time 08:40

What you need to look at is how is your networking set up in your test environment.  Do you have routing setup to get to the ‘ClusterIP:port’  or the Load Balancer external IP address:port ?

I suggest that you draw your test environment on a piece of paper, then check the IP addresses being used internally and externally and look at how that is being routed.


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