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Vision API Cloud Function Not Working

I am unable to deploy the cloud function. I followed exactly as the video:

gcloud functions deploy check_images –runtime python37 –trigger-resource lee-acloud-guru-uploads –trigger-event

This is the message I get:

ERROR: (gcloud.functions.deploy) OperationError: code=3, message=Build failed: could not resolve storage source: googleapi: Error 404: Not Found, notFound

I set the permissions correctly for the service account and it still keeps giving me the error.

Please help


I’m also getting this same error. My bucket does exist with the correct name and I copied the python code from the video resources.

1 Answers

Hi Alee

I’m not able to reproduce your error, and the lab is working fine for me.

This error might suggest that the function can’t find the bucket to bind to. Are you sure the lee-acloud-guru-uploads bucket exists with that exact name?

Hope this helps!

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