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Videos not loading

Is anyone else having issues with the videos not loading or is it just me? 8/17/2021

Marcos Georgopoulos

Yes I’m having the same issue. I raised a support ticket, I suggest everyone does the same

same issues


Error: [GraphQL Error]: Build: build-3293-commit-ed0f679fb6eea367f95624ed9d0ec74a1cca14c0 Message: Internal Server Error Path: userCourseOverview,navigation,current,content,videosources,3,signedUrl Correlation Id: 7f9fb476-5c10-48c5-af52-03c7c633b7f5 Package Id: b2b-business-plus-2017-jan User Id: auth0|5be9fbfe84679e4f87c2d215 Organisation Id: 345a7428-d017-0557-2081-5659cf6111e4 at error-link.js:38 at () at error-link.js:26 at (index.js:14) at g (Observable.js:135) at b (Observable.js:179) at e.value (Observable.js:235) at g (Observable.js:135) at b (Observable.js:179) at e.value (Observable.js:235)

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