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Unable to create CloudSQL instance in a new sandbox

I have started following along on the lab for Managing Cloud SQL Instances. I had created a instance with 2GB in a sandbox and continued the tutorial. After sometime it logged me out. When I tried to login I got error indicating user has been deleted.

Hence, I created new sandbox and when I logged in, I am getting the following error. I cannot go to IAM component or any component. Any help?

You do not have sufficient permissions to view this page

There was an error while loading /sql/instances?project=playground-s-11-2aac8063

You are missing the following required permissions:



Check that the project ID is valid and you have permissions to access it. Learn more

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Caspar Yuill

Yeah, you can’t do this one in the Sandbox. Really frustrating for those of us who’ve paid for it


Thanks Caspar. Am appalled at the level of response here at this community. I guess if we have paid, we are screwed. I regret paying for the whole year now.

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