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spannerlab-schema.sql AccessDenied

I am not able to download the sql file spannerlab-schema.

It currently gives me the following error:

AccessDeniedRequest has expired2020-07-16T08:27:49Z2020-07-16T09:45:48ZD862CEB7024D5065jEI3GynI+LMsEotdtfxTxrM37Ah/PObW+YVS9bVJogqUrgtSzrznrvPtRGAqYoobO8r/7yFwrtw=

Can you please provide me the link to this resource?


Kiran Kumar

I am not able access this sql file

1 Answers

Hi Marco

If you haven’t logged out and in to the platform in a while, it’s possible that your session has expired. Please try reloading the page and the download link should work for you.


Marco Ladogana

Thanks. Now works for me.

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