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spanner not found

seeing the issue while performing lab

cloud_user_p_e7c46d84@cloudshell:~/python-docs-samples (playground-s-11-82539a2d)$ ls

appengine bigquery_storage composer datalabeling dns firestore logging monitoring pubsub scripts tasks vision

asset billing compute dataproc document functions jobs notebooks pytest.ini secretmanager testing

auth blog container_registry data-science-onramp endpoints healthcare kms media servicedirectory texttospeech cdn datastore error_reporting iam kubernetes_engine media-translation renovate.json speech trace

automl cloud-sql datacatalog dialogflow eventarc iap language memorystore opencensus run storage translate

bigquery codelabs dataflow dlp favicon.ico iot LICENSE ml_engine profiler scheduler tables video

cloud_user_p_e7c46d84@cloudshell:~/python-docs-samples (playground-s-11-82539a2d)$ cd spanner

-bash: cd: spanner: No such file or directory

1 Answers

Hi all,

I think the code was moved to a different repo, see here:

git clone

To navigate to the relevant folder, use: 

cd python-spanner/samples/samples/

Hope it helps!



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