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slide availability?

Hi all, we’re taking this course as a small team (10 engineers) and have a dedicated study group to review and discuss the materials. One thing we’d find really valuable is to get access to the slides from the presentation so we can drill through them to refresh our memory. These assets would also be especially useful when prepping for the exam. Would it be possible to post a PDF of the slide decks used in the materials to the courseware?

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That’s cool that you’ve got a team studying as a group to improve your knowledge and pass your certifications.

One thing I’d suggest is that you might consider getting your business to sign up for ACG for Business. Along with the standard access to all of our courses, it also comes with some great tools to help teams study for their certifications as a group, such as our Accelerator programs, which provides teams with a chance to go through guided weekly programs for our courses as a team, helping build the best chances to succeed. (yes, I am plugging our product but it does have some really cool features there)

Unfortunately, we don’t publish any copies of our slide decks, both for considerations around intellectual property concerns which we all know in this day and age, but also because our content can be frequently updated, making it harder for our students to ensure they have the most recent copies of the material.

Study Groups are a really awesome way to uplift a team’s capability in particular areas, and congrats to all of you for studying together as part of it. Hope you’re finding it useful along your journey.

Best of luck with your studies

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