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LAB: Loading and Querying Data with Cloud Bigtable – Looks like preloaded schema – looks like schema-on-write?

Hi cloud gurus,

In the "LAB: Loading and Querying Data with Cloud Bigtable" in chapter 8.7 of the "Google Certified Professional Data Engineer" course, the file is used. 

In the code here, it would seem to predefine the schema of the CSV file to be loaded. 

Question #1 : How does this tie in with the ‘schema-on-read’ vs the ‘schema-on-write’ paradigm of BigData? Indeed does BigTable support collections of JSON documents?

Question #2: Is there a client tool that can be worked with(similar to MySQL Workbench / SQL Server management studio) or is pretty much everything on the command line?

Question #3 : What would be a tool that should be used to surface the information both for technical(poss. Juypter notebooks?) and non technical users i.e. the equivalent of Datastudio/Lookr for BigQuery? 

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.



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