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Incorrect GIT Hub Path for Python-Spanner

Hi Team, I cannot find path python-docs-samples/spanner/cloud-client on Please check & confirm if the path is correct & updated.

1 Answers

Hello Akash!  Thank you for choosing A Cloud Guru!   The original path shown in the video is no longer valid and a request to update and reshoot the lesson has been escalated up to the Training Architects, in the meantime we have updated the github repo with the correct path, in the resource section of this lesson.   

The updated url is:

Once you open up the cloud shell, you will use the following command to clone the correct files instead of what is shown in the video:

git clone

then cd into the correct directory using the following command:

cd /python/sample/sample

I hope this was helpful in some way!  Thank you for your patience in this matter and please let us know if you require any assistance!

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