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How to change BigTable instance type?

Am I getting confused here? In one of the practice exam questions, the correct answer tells us that we can change the BigTable instance type from development to production. Is that correct?

I’m worried because for the other tools in the Google Cloud, we should keep separate environments for development and production.

Is that a good approach for BigTable? Work on development and just change the instance type? If yes, how can I do that?


1 Answers

Hi Fabio,

Upgrading from a development instance to a production one inside the same project does seem a bit of an anti-pattern, as it is generally accepted that separating development and production environments into different projects makes sense. My guess would be that this feature was originally included to make it easier for people to try BigTable without having to spend a lot of money on clusters.

The current console has changed and you can no longer create "development" clusters. Instead, you just have much better control over cluster size, and can just create a cluster with a single node. This clarifies the situation a bit with regard to the separation of environments.

If you still have any "development" clusters you can upgrade them to "production" but this is a one-time permanent change that can’t be reversed. And like I said, you can no longer create new "development" clusters, just new clusters of any size.

Hope this helps!

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