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How can I find the relationship between the bucket and topic

I am doing the lab on the google cloud. Currently, the new file didn’t trigger the subscription. And I want to know why?

I jumped to the console, I can see topic and subscription, but I couldn’t find where the relationship is set between the topic and the bucket, could you let me know how to do that? More in details, could you describe how gsutil notification create works behind the hoods? Thank you.



Ron Liu

I did a bit research and found out: currently we cannot set notification for storage via console, check:

Ron Liu

To debug the functions, we can either look at the logs in the function or test by passing a mocked data.

1 Answers

Hi Ron

As you discovered, you need to configure the relationship between the bucket and topic with the gsutil command. This sets up notifications that will be published to the topic when an object is written to the bucket.

See for more details.

Ron Liu

That is correct, thank you.

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