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Data flow Job failed in this exercise

Hi All,

I was following through te exercise when my data flow job failed in this exercise. It gave me the following error

2020-10-09T20:51:40.941228759ZWorkflow failed. Causes: There was a problem refreshing your credentials. Please check: 1. Dataflow API is enabled for your project. 2. Make sure both the Dataflow service account and the controller service account have sufficient permissions. If you are not specifying a controller service account, ensure the default Compute Engine service account [PROJECT_NUMBER] exists and has sufficient permissions. If you have deleted the default Compute Engine service account, you must specify a controller service account. For more information, see:

I checked the data flow API, it seems to be enabled also the exists. Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?

1 Answers

I had the same issue.

To resolve it I added the Dataflow Worker Role to the [PROJECTNUMBER] member in the IAM console. 

I then had to create a new run of the Dataflow job by using the clone option in the job page.

Hope this helps.

Arghya Mukherjee

Fortunately, it did solve the issue. Thank You

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