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Data Dossier

Hi everyone,

I try to use the Data Dossier at this link [] as my resources but it seems like to me that we don’t have the Chapter 2: Case Studies. And I wonder why? In the orther hand, the version PDF of Data Dossier at this link [] has the Chapter 2 already. So what is the problem here, please?

Thank you guys!

2 Answers

Hi Nguyen, the latest version of the Data Engineer exam (refreshed in 2019) does not have case studies. The live lucidchart removes the case study references, however I just became aware that downloadable PDF was an older snapshot of the live document.

I’ve updated the downloadable PDF to match the live interactive diagram. Be aware that there are no case studies on the current version of the exam, which is why they are removed.

Nguyen Xuan Huy

Hi Matthew, yes, I understand. Thank you

And Matthew, could you please give me the link of  the downloadable PDF updated, please?

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