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Comand sudo apt-get install mysql-client doesn’t work. I am getting this error E: Package ‘mysql-client’ has no installation candidate

I am doing Cloud SQL hands on lab on Google Console as per GCP Data Engineer course. while installing mysql-client I am getting error E: Package ‘mysql-client’ has no installation candidate

1 Answers

Hi there,

I think Compute Engine VMs are defaulting to Debian 10 now, and the video was recorded at Debian 9, however there is a note in the video at 04:51 with the updated command:

sudo apt-get install default-mysql-client

Hope this helps!

Bharat Malgave

Yes I googled and found that option and it worked.

Bharat Malgave

now I am not able to proceed with lab due to wget command not found error

Tim Berry

You can install wget with: sudo apt install wget

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